Fund Singapore Wins Top Award for ‘Most Preferred Crowdfunding Platform’ at INVEST Fair 2018

Fund Singapore Wins Top Award for ‘Most Preferred Crowdfunding Platform’ at INVEST Fair 2018

As the Platinum Sponsor of this year’s instalment of INVEST Fair, the month of August was spent perfecting preparations for Singapore’s largest investment fair which took place on the weekend of 25th and 26th August. As crowdfunding is largely still a novel financial concept to Singapore, Fund Singapore sought to curate a series of activities to introduce and familiarise attendees with its intricate mechanisms. In addition, we were able to get them acquainted with Fund Singapore’s unique way of crowdfunding which sets us apart from others.

As part of our fervent commitment to create and support an eco-system that extends beyond the crowdfunding process, we invited all our investee companies funded this year to proudly showcase the important work that they do. We have ManukaLife, FutureSafe Tech, and Clearbridge BioMedics with us at the Fair. ClearBridge BioMedics, a BioTech company we successfully funded in June was one of the highlights at the event. The company has presently started the IPO process and is targeting a lodgement on Singapore’s Catalist board in Q4 2018.

We are honoured to be awarded the ‘Most Preferred Crowdfunding platform’ award. This award represents your confidence and faith in us. We are encouraged by your votes and will continue to strive hard to source for quality investment opportunities.

Fund Singapore conducted two seminars over that weekend – Unleashing the Power of the Crowd and How to Identify the Unicorns?. Through the seminars, the attendees were equipped with a better understanding of why locavesting – injecting local monies into local business as an investment – matters. The crowd was not just enthusiastic but also very receptive towards the ideals Fund Singapore stand for, that no good company should be allowed to fail due to the lack of funds.

Supporting local businesses by actively funding them ensures continued growth of our larger economy. The next stage of Singapore’s economic development will predominately occur through innovation. Fund Singapore is able to augment and accelerate growth for businesses, both local and overseas by providing equity and debt financing through crowdfunding to these companies and yet providing strong potential investment returns to investors.

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